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Removal and Replacement of Driveways

Briarcliffe Blvd - Wheaton, illinois


This association schedules maintenance in five-year plans. The driveways for the building are being removed and replaced in phases. We started with the worst driveways on the property.


Twin Bros. Paving & Concrete removed all driveways to their bases. The depth was between 5-7 inches of asphalt. Then, two inches of stone was installed and compacted to strengthen the bases. 3 1/2 inches of asphalt was installed and compacted in two different lifts. 15 driveways were replaced along with asphalt patching at seven more driveways. The total square footage of this job was 24,612 square ft.


The new driveways are functioning correctly with positive drainage. There has been no ponding of water on new driveways. We concentrated on areas where the new asphalt was installed next to existing concrete areas, making sure there was a smooth transition to prevent water ponding. These driveways will have little maintenance needed over the next couple years.

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